Youth unemployment and employment trajectories in Spain during the Great Recession: what are the determinants?

Since the beginning of the recession period in Europe, unemployment has greatly affected the young adult population. In this context, Spain is regarded as an extreme case, due to its exceptionally high youth unemployment rates. This article seeks to identify the determinants that have led certain groups of Spanish young people to suffer labour market trajectories with higher levels of unemployment and instability during the Great Recession than others. To do this, retrospective data from the 2012 Catalan Youth Survey are used. With these data and using cluster analysis, a typology of labour market trajectories is constructed.


Author(s) J.M. Verd, O. Barranco, M. Bolíbar
Language English
Year of publication Mar, 2019
Journal Journal for Labour Market Research
Volume, Number 53, 4
Page(s) 20
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