20  Years in the world of work: A study of (nonstandard) occupational trajectories and health

Longitudinal research emphasizes that nonstandard (i.e., temporary contracts, part-time and multiple jobs) and discontinuous occupational trajectories (i.e., intermittent unemployment or inactivity) are associated with lower levels of mental health. A branch of this research highlights, over many years of observation the importance of the time of exposure to nonstandard occupational trajectories as a social determinant of health. However, the timing of the observed period and the multidimensionality of nonstandard occupational trajectories have been highly neglected.

In this study, we analyze the Swiss Household Panel data, which used a life historycalendar to collect occupational trajectories across the lifespan. The data included the trajectories of 5690 initially healthy Swiss residents and were used to reconstruct the occupational trajectories during the first 20 working years.


Author(s) F. Giudici, D. Morselli
Language English
Year of publication Mar, 2019
Journal Social Science & Medicine
Volume 224
Page(s) 138-148
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