Setting the record straight: How record employment has changed the UK

On the eve of the global financial crisis, the UK’s employment rate was 73.0 per cent. A decade on and the employment rate is 75.7 per cent, by a distance the highest since comparable records began in 1971. This report looks back at a decade of unprecedented growth in employment, and at the effect this has had on the UK labour market. We ask – who are the people, what are the places, and what are the types of jobs that account for this increase? In doing so we scrutinise some of the criticisms of the UK’s recent employment ‘boom’ – that all new jobs have gone to migrants; that all new jobs are in London; and that all the new jobs are low paying and insecure. We offer some positive findings. Employment growth has benefited natives as well as migrants, London’s outsize contribution is down to population growth, there has been employment rate catch up in urban areas across the country, and the last decade has been one of occupational upgrading.


Author(s) S. Clarke, N. Cominetti
Language English
Year of publication Jan, 2019
Publisher Resolution Foundation, London
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