The Oxford Hanbook of Job Loss and Job Search

The Oxford Handbook of Job Loss and Job Search offers a first comprehensive and timely overview of the state of the art thinking and empirical knowledge in the areas of job loss and job search. Multidisciplinary in nature, the 31 chapters in this handbook offer insights into the diverse theoretical and methodological perspectives from which job loss and job search have been studied, such as psychology, sociology, labor studies, and economics. Discussing the antecedents and consequences of job loss as well as further circumstances besides job loss that may call for an intense job search, the handbook presents in depth and up-to-date knowledge on antecedents and consequences of job loss and on methods and processes of job-search and further points readers towards stimulating directions for future research. It also addresses the unique circumstances faced by different populations during their job-search, such as entrants to the labor market, job-to-job, unemployed, and mature-aged job seekers, as well as international job-seekers or people with a career in temporary employment.


Author(s) U.T. Klehe, E.A.J. van Hooft
Language English
Year of publication Jun, 2018
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Nieuwsbrief week 41 - 2018

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